COLD WATER THERAPY – MY FIRST EXPERIENCE Usually, you say the word cold and I’m cold, so most who know me wouldn’t associate me with cold water therapy.  But the Wim Hoff series last year sparked an interest and curiosity and I wanted to know more. I started to look into the benefits and chatted withContinue reading “COLD WATER THERAPY EXPERIENCE”

A Blog That Helped My Emotional Recovery

Blogging isn’t something I’ve done for a long time, it only started for me in the last few years.
I was in fact sat thinking this morning about the first blog I wrote and how much it had helped me on a journey of emotional and mental recovery. I also realised that the blog wasn’t even on my own website!!


So, 2021 well what can I say, 2019 going into 2020 for my family was a tough time, but boy did we not expect what was to come last year!
The first half of the year started fine, Dad was doing well on his chemotherapy, and everyone else was doing well. It wasn’t until we reached the half-way point things changed, and very quickly too!

Top Tips For Resolution Success

It’s the beginning of a New Year and a time when many people resolve to make changes. Any time is a good time to decide and commit to making a positive change but the New Year acts as a catalyst causing people to think about their lives and whether or not they are happy with the way things are.

How to Stay Motivated This Winter

Whether you have already got an established fitness routine, or are wanting to embark on one, Winter can be a tricky time of year to stay focused and on track. There is something about the darker nights and mornings that link into our natural instincts that lean towards comfort food and staying warm.


SELF CARE ISN’T SELFISH Mums all too often put themselves at the bottom of the pile when it comes to self-care (I have been guilty of this myself many times) So, when I was lucky enough to be gifted some Self Heating Eye Masks from Sensory Retreats it was a perfect opportunity to get someContinue reading “TAKING THE TIME FOR SELF CARE WITH SENSORY RETREATS”

Award Winning Herbal Teas – Self Care In A Cup

AWARD WINNING HERBAL TEAS FOR A LITTLE SELF CARE MOMENT I have always been a lover of herbal teas so when I was lucky to be gifted a selection of herbal tea blends from Sweet Pea & Little Wolf my tea game was upped so much!!  Self-care for me isn’t just about taking time toContinue reading “Award Winning Herbal Teas – Self Care In A Cup”