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I have always been a lover of herbal teas so when I was lucky to be gifted a selection of herbal tea blends from Sweet Pea & Little Wolf my tea game was upped so much!! 

Self-care for me isn’t just about taking time to practice Pilates, meditate and give myself some pamper time, it’s also about looking after myself from the inside out and caring for what I put into my body.  So, finding this amazing small business was right up my street!


Herbal tea has been a part of my day for quite some years now, since my love of a standard cuppa changed (bizarrely after I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and steroid treatment).

For me peppermint, green tea (especially with coconut), and chamomile are my favourites, but I’m always looking for new ones to try.

This is where I found Sweet Pea & Little Wolf on Instagram, and boy was I impressed, browsing through their profile I found so much that appealed to me from their Award Winning Teas, Healing Crystals, Bracelets, Apothecary, Wedding Favors and Bespoke Gifts and much more.


So off I went to have a look through their amazing Award-Winning selection of teas….

But how could I choose from such a fab range!!

No problem here, I simply popped a message across to them on Instagram and got the help I needed to make my decision.

The time was taken to ask me what I wanted the teas for, was it to help relax, an energy boost or immune boost (these hit the nail on the head straight away for me!!).  I was even recommended ways of brewing and preparing the teas one of which was a gorgeous, iced tea.

So, with my selection made, and my order which Emma kindly gifted on its way, I sat back impatiently waiting for the postman to deliver my teas!


I took up the recommendations from Emma…

Organic Chamomile Blossom

Sweet Nature, a blend of Green Tea, Goji Berries, Pomegranate Seeds, Lemon Grass and Cornflower

Explorer’s Tea, a Chinese Green Tea & American Mint

Three teas which I totally love, the American Mint aroma in the Explorer’s Tea literally bursts out of the packet as soon as you open it and tastes amazing! 

Sweet Nature has a super fruity aroma which escapes as soon as you open the pack and has become one of my day-time favourites

The Organic Chamomile Blossom is my new bedtime favourite which I look forward to every evening

Now to start browsing and look for more blends to try!!


Sweet Pea & Little Wolf are a small independent business based in Liverpool run by the lovely Emma Purchase and was launched just over 4 years ago after she finished her studies. 

She first started the business under the name of Sweet Pea Wirral, offering a range of freshly made juices, smoothies, and wellbeing trinkets.

Initially putting her name forward for every Pop Up, Farmers Market and Event possible. On some occasions she would have some leftovers from my fresh fruits so decided to start making her own natural skin care range. Realising she needed more stock that wouldn’t perish she then had the idea to introduce herbal teas, and that was what lead her to amazing new avenues!

With very little to live on at the beginning and her family to support she pushed and pushed to get her name out there. Packing a little vintage suitcase full of teas and trinkets she went around to many venues, shops etc across Liverpool, which then lead her to having her own shop and weekly Pop Ups in The Baltic Triangle. 


At the time her youngest little girl Marnie was struggling with anxiety, Emma had just lost her dad after a long battle with an awful illness & then their home, they had gone through a lot of upset and change so her main drive was to show the girls you can do anything you put your mind to and to bring them security.  Marnie’s nickname was Little Wolf, so Emma started up the other side of the business…the one that’s truly me! The wanderlust side…explorer…adventurer. Her first design was the enamel mug to go hand in hand with their travel packs of tea and that’s when Little Wolf was born named after Marnie! Emma changed the name to Sweet Pea & Little Wolf and made a deal with Marnie that for every place they can get our Little Wolf Brand to reach she would have to visit when she’s older because she will one day be an explorer and no longer feel anxious!

The brand has reached so many beautiful places from Canada, Wales, Scotland, Portland USA, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand…one of Emma’s favourites is Yosemite Park. She is hoping Marnie takes her and Osh with her once she takes off for her adventure because it’s going to be such a cool trip! 


Their little business is definitely a family run business, getting involved with the kid, the wolves everyone!  They truly live and breathe their business, with a love for life shining through from love for family and community, to wellbeing, music, nature, the great outdoors, their little wolves and sustainability! It’s all wrapped up in one business! 

Overall Sweet Pea & Little Wolf are a winner for me, so mums out there if you are looking for an

ENERGY BOOSTING herbal tea blend

IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTING herbal tea blend for those winter months

Or a RELAXING herbal tea blend to help you wind down at night and sleep

Give Emma a shout, I’m sure she will be more than happy to help you.





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