So, 2021 well what can I say, 2019 going into 2020 for my family was a tough time, but boy did we not expect what was to come last year!

The first half of the year started fine, Dad was doing well on his chemotherapy, and everyone else was doing well.  It wasn’t until we reached the half-way point things changed, and very quickly too!


Summer was the point at which the first of my lows happened, in hindsight when I look back, it was my own fault for not taking time out and prioritising my own self care (note to self for 2022, I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN! Even though I think I am sometimes!!)

I took a break with my family to go to Yorkshire as we do each year and have done since before my daughter was born.  Thirsk is my happy place I could quite easily pack up and move there tomorrow!  It’s such a chilled way of life, so much calmer and more relaxed; not everyone’s cup of tea but for me its bliss (must be my Dad’s Yorkshire blood running through my veins!!).

 As I said I hadn’t taken much of a break from work during the first part of the year, so as soon as I stopped in July, I was hit by possibly the worst flare up of my ulcerative colitis that I have ever had!  In hindsight it was my own fault for not taking a proper break, and clearly my bodies way of telling me this!

Ironically, I was doing my study at the time for my Holistic Core Restore Coaching (pelvic health), it did teach me quite a few things I had never found the missing link for with my colitis, and a few light bulb moments where things now made sense.  Just a pity I had to go through the pain and suffering to get there!  


Dad’s health had been great during the first part of 2021, he was doing well on his chemotherapy, and was getting on with his everyday life normally.

August saw a huge change, and I mean huge!  It started what I can only describe as one of the worst experiences of my life, a situation where each day you think things cannot get any worse but they do!!  Experiencing situations that truly were unbelievable at times, made far worse by no visiting in hospitals, lack of contact and communication all causing upset and frustration, as we literally had no control of what was happening.

During the five months from August up to Christmas dad spent just over 11 weeks in hospital, had his chemo stopped due to numerous infections, had sepsis three times, and the list goes on!! (believe me this is brief).

The emotional rollercoaster this situation caused is hard to put into words, my family were suffering big time, but for me I had to keep strong for everyone else, my mum was suffering and my brother too.   I had to fight for my dad to make sure we got the answers and the treatment he deserved; he’s my dad my hero, he had never been one to complain, was never ill, never took any time off work when he was working, so to see him go through all this was sheer hell!  He really didn’t deserve it; luckily, he has his family to fight for him, it did make me stop and think though about those people that don’t have any family, and no one to fight for them if they found themselves in this situation.

The run up to Christmas was tough, dad was waiting daily in the hope that he would be home with us for Christmas.  Some days given false hope, and then others to have a set-back, the clock was ticking, and he desperately wanted to be home, we needed him home!  When we got the news that he could come home on the 23rd December it was THE BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR!!  Unfortunately, he came home with the dreaded COVID, but at least he was out of the hospital and could start to recover better.  Yes, he had to isolate in a bedroom alone, but he was back under his own roof with his family.


Yes, we did have some!!  In August after consulting with my dad’s doctors decided to go on our planned holiday, as they said he would be fine and was expected to make a full recovery.  It was a hard decision but as we couldn’t visit in hospital and it was only the Lakes we were going to, if we needed to get home we could do.

So off we went (albeit a day late) to make more memories with our friends.  During our break away I made possibly one of the biggest achievements of my life climbing Scafell Pike (we don’t do things by halves – no real practice and we take on the highest mountain in England!).  We did it and in quite an impressive time too for complete novices according to our guide. 

2022 goals for mountain climbing are still TBC!!


My next achievement for 2021 was becoming a qualified Holistic Core Restore Coach; I had wanted to complete this course for some time, but things had got in the way, for one reason or another.  This was my year to do it though!  My year to take that next step in helping to educate and empower women to take back control of their lives and lead the life they truly deserve.  So for 2022 it is my mission to share the love for Holistic Core Restore and build my business even further!!


We had a hugely successful transition for our daughter in September; with everything that was going on with my dad, his health and the uncertainty she really did shine!  She has settled in amazingly well, made new friends and is enjoying it all so far!!  She’s even developed a passion for netball (stepping into her mums high school shoes!)


Yes, it was a tough year, BUT it showed me truly how strong of a family I have, and that no matter what we are fighters and never give up.  Life hasn’t always been kind to us, but we deal with it and always come out smiling on the other side.


Time to make more memories, follow those dreams and shine like we always do!

Highlight of January for me, having my dad sat in a restaurant around a table with all of his family.  A priceless moment that I have waited months for (the simple things in life really are the best!)


Blog writing for me has helped so much over the past 12 months; when you are carrying worries with you it can be a great way to get a release from those difficult situations, putting pen to paper can really feel like a weight has been lifted. 

The first blog I wrote that gave me this sense of release was written for MyBump2Baby Wigan, if you would like to have a read of this blog you can find it via the link below:

If I can help or inspire just one person to put pen to paper through my blog that is all I could wish for


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