Fresh v’s Frozen Fruit & Vegetables – which are best?

We hear lots of arguments for and against both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.  But which is the best for us?


For me it’s not a preference of fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables in our house, we have a mixture of both.  For lunches which I meal prep frozen steam vegetable packets are usually a regular go to, but with some of my veggies I will always prefer fresh.  Things like mushrooms, spinach and peppers I much prefer them fresh.

Fruits, we again have a mixture of the two in our house, berries are the main thing that we buy frozen as I find these more convenient for smoothies and overnight oats pots when I prep these and sometimes find that fresh berries either don’t last long or are lacking in flavour.

Bananas are probably the odd one as I buy them fresh but then they get sliced and frozen to use for milkshakes and smoothies.  They are also great to cut up rather than throw away once they are turning brown and too soft, we’ve even used them to make our own ice-cream with.  It was a favourite of my daughters when she was younger.


Having a supply of both frozen fruit and vegetables also avoids those moments which I’m sure we have all had when you’ve gone to prepare a meal and then realised you forgot to make that trip to the supermarket to pick up some fresh veggies!!

Always handy to have in too to curb those sugary snack urges, defrost some frozen berries, and serve with some Greek yogurt, keeping you away from the biscuit tin or chocolate cupboard.

If you would like to know more about Fresh v’s Frozen Vegetables, grab yourself a brew and have a read of our free guide below:

Fresh v’s Frozen Vegetables – Which Are The Best

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